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Internet Special; Pay for 2 get 1 FREE

Pick your choise or Mix them: Brownie Tray, Coffee Cake Tray OR 4pk. of Danish $35.00

Internet Special

Pound Cakes packed of 3  $40.00

(Vanilla, Chocolate, Choclate nut, Marble, Banana nut, Lemn, Orange-cranberry)

Pound Cakes


Bundt Cakes

Muffins 6 pack (Shipped in freezable container) Blueberry, Apple-cinnamon, Banana Nut, Cranberry, Orange,$18.00 


Brownie Tray (Shipped in freezable container) $15.00

Coffee Cake Tray (Shipped in freezable container) $18.00

Danish 4 pack (Shipped in freezable container)

Cheese Cherry Apple Pineapple $20.00  

Danish 4 pack

Danish (3) 4 packs (Shipped in freezable container) Cheese Cherry Apple Pineapple $45.00 Buy the dozen and save

Danish (3) 4 packs

Cookie Tub 2 Doz. Assorted $15.00

Gummy Bears 1 lb. Tub $22.00

Jelly Beans assorted flavors, 1 lb.  Tub $22.00

Hard Candies 16 oz. Bulk Bags Butterscotch, Coffee, Rootbeer, Chocolate, Lemon, Licorice, Peppermint, Assorted $19.00 (Only Peppemint available for now)

Hard Candies

Sampler Pack #1 1-Poun Cake, 1 & 1/2 Doz.Cookies Assorted, 8oz. Candies $35.95

Sampler Pack #2 3 Pound Cakes (Banana Nut, Chocolate, Vanilla) $40.00

Sampler Pack #3 Two trays of Brownies or Coffee Cake $30.00

Sampler Pack #3

Sampler Pack #4 1 Pound Cake, 4 assorted Danish, 1 Doz. Assorted Cookies  $40.00

Sampler Pack #5 1-6 Pack Muffins, 1-4 Pack Danish, 1 1/2 dozen Cookies, Assorted Hard Candies $45.00

Sampler Pack #7 Basket Tray - Pound Cake, Brownies, Muffins, Spice Bar, Cookies, and assorted Wrapped Candies. $49.95

Sampler Pack #8 Chocolate & Candy Basket Tray (only shipped Nov 1 thru Feb 15th) $60.00


(Year Round Shipping) MUST CALL FOR SHIPPING PRICES, SHIPPING PRICES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN OUR PRICING................... Call- (702) 362-1243

Cheese Cake 9" Round 28 oz $37.00

Eclairs 4 pack (Shipped in freezable container) $25.00

Eclairs (3) 4 packs (Shipped in freezable container) Buy the dozen and save


Tub of Chocolate Covered Pretzels 1 lb..Dark, White, or mix of both. $28.95

Tub of Chocolate (Assorted or just 1 kind)16 oz. Tub $28.95

Gift Boxed Chocolates, Assorted 1 lb 6oz. Cremes, Nuts, Crunches, Toffee, Caramels


Gift Basket 11 oz Gift Box Chocolates, 2 oz. Almond Bark, 2 oz. Jelly Beans, 4 oz. Gummy Bears, 4 oz. Plus 4 oz. of Assorted Taffy . $69.45

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